Composers Now Festival

Imaginary Timescapes is one of many performances on the Composers Now Festival. With a goal of increasing the visibility of composers in our society, the festival features X composers in X performances across X boroughs of New York City.  As Tania León, the Artistic Director of the festival, explains, “Composers today are creating the sonic legacy of tomorrow. They need to become better known for their contributions in all genres and in all communities, and with this awareness and understanding, they will be more deeply valued.”

Also on the Composers Now Festival is Uncaged, a performance of C4: the Choral Composer/Conductor Collective (with which I perform) on February 28th (details here).  There are two other concerts of vocal music on the festival, both on February 21st: a performance by Dawn Upshaw with students from Bard’s Vocal Arts Program, including a new work by George Tsontakis (details here); and Thomas Buckner, with Ensemble L’Art Pour L’Art (details here).

Please check out the Composers Now Website to find out about the many composers featured in the festival.

(Originally published 12/16/12)


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