The Imaginary Timescapes Campaign was a Success!

I’m happy to announce that the campaign for my Imaginary Timescapes performance was successful!  Thanks to all my supporters for both your financial gifts as well as your many messages of encouragement.

I raised a total of $3,430—$3,080 from the RocketHub online campaign and an additional $350 in contributions by personal check—that’s $230 above the goal of $3,200!  Since the total expenses for the performance comes to $3,800, the extra $230 is much appreciated and I will use it towards meeting those expenses.  I now am relying on only $370 in ticket sales, or 19 tickets, to break even. 

As I announced earlier, any proceeds from the performance (after the expenses are met) will be donated to the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund.  Since I expect to sell more than 19 tickets, this is now becoming a benefit concert for the people in NJ whose lives have been altered by the storm.

In addition to exceeding the financial goal of the campain, I am pleased to announce that I exceeded my goal of 30 individual contributions.  A total of 39 individuals or families gave donations to the performance, and for that I am grateful.  When I apply for foundation and government grants, it will help to show that I have this many supporters.

Thanks again to all of you who gave to the campaign and made the Imaginary Timescapes performance possible!


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