Over $400 Raised for Hurricane Recovery

I’m pleased to announce that the  Imaginary Timescapes concert raised over $400 for the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund. Thank you to everyone who was in the audience on Saturday night for the performance.  I enjoyed talking with audience members after the show and meeting new fans.  Lets keep the conversation going—you can find me on twitterContinue reading “Over $400 Raised for Hurricane Recovery”

Love and Betrayal in Reflections on Espionage

On this Valentine’s Day, I find myself wondering, where is love in the music of the Imaginary Timescapes program?  There’s tenderness towards inanimate objects and hints of middle school crushes in “Confessions from the Blogosphere,” but the main love story is that of betrayal.  In Reflections on Espionage, Felucca anticipates the arrival of her lover into aContinue reading “Love and Betrayal in Reflections on Espionage”

The “Imaginary Timescapes” Vocal Quartet

I’m pleased to introduce the members of the “Imaginary Timescapes” vocal quartet.  I will be singing soprano, with Suzanne Schwing on alto, Dennis Tobenski on tenor, and Phillip Cheah on Bass.  We will perform three of my works for mixed chorus: companion pieces Obsessions from the Twittersphere and Confessions from the Blogosphere, as well asContinue reading “The “Imaginary Timescapes” Vocal Quartet”

Introducing the Pur ti Miro Quartet

I’m pleased to introduce the Pur ti Miro Quartet, a newly formed quartet of Juilliard students who will be premiering Reflections on Espionage and October in Galicia, both for voice and string quartet, on the Imaginary Timescapes performance.  While they have only recently begun playing together as a quartet, they have all been making music togetherContinue reading “Introducing the Pur ti Miro Quartet”

The Imaginary Timescapes Campaign was a Success!

I’m happy to announce that the campaign for my Imaginary Timescapes performance was successful!  Thanks to all my supporters for both your financial gifts as well as your many messages of encouragement. I raised a total of $3,430—$3,080 from the RocketHub online campaign and an additional $350 in contributions by personal check—that’s $230 above the goal ofContinue reading “The Imaginary Timescapes Campaign was a Success!”

Composers Now Festival

Imaginary Timescapes is one of many performances on the Composers Now Festival. With a goal of increasing the visibility of composers in our society, the festival features X composers in X performances across X boroughs of New York City.  As Tania León, the Artistic Director of the festival, explains, “Composers today are creating the sonic legacy of tomorrow.Continue reading “Composers Now Festival”

Violist Isabel Hagen

Today I would like to introduce violist Isabel Hagen, the final musician whom I will profile in this space.  Isabel is an active chamber musician and an avid performer of new music, performing with new music ensembles such as Ensemble Signal and the Wordless Music Orchestra.  She frequently works with composers, and has worked withContinue reading “Violist Isabel Hagen”

Vocalist and Composer Dennis Tobenski

I look forward to working with fellow Vocalist and Composer Dennis Tobenski for the first time on the Imaginary Timescapes performance.  He comes highly recommended for his skills as a tenor—including by the NY Times’ Anthony Tommasini, who called him a “dynamic vocalist.”—which will be his contribution to the concert, as he will sing in the vocal quartet. As oneContinue reading “Vocalist and Composer Dennis Tobenski”

Shout-out to My Number One Fan

Today marks four years since I stood under the chuppah with my best friend and number one fan, Charles Natt.  So I diverge from my focus on the music and people that will be featured on this performance, in order to recognize this non-musician who plays such an important role in my life.  His supportContinue reading “Shout-out to My Number One Fan”