Vocalist and Composer Dennis Tobenski

I look forward to working with fellow Vocalist and Composer Dennis Tobenski for the first time on the Imaginary Timescapes performance.  He comes highly recommended for his skills as a tenor—including by the NY Times’ Anthony Tommasini, who called him a “dynamic vocalist.”—which will be his contribution to the concert, as he will sing in the vocal quartet. As oneContinue reading “Vocalist and Composer Dennis Tobenski”

Shout-out to My Number One Fan

Today marks four years since I stood under the chuppah with my best friend and number one fan, Charles Natt.  So I diverge from my focus on the music and people that will be featured on this performance, in order to recognize this non-musician who plays such an important role in my life.  His supportContinue reading “Shout-out to My Number One Fan”

Mezzo-Soprano Suzanne Schwing

If there’s a professional choral performance the New York area, chances are mezzo-soprano Suzanne Schwing is in it.  I’ve enjoyed working with her in C4: the Choral Composer/Conductor Collective, in which I appreciate her impeccable precision and artistry.  C4 is only one of many ensembles with which Suzanne performs; in December alone, she appeared with the NewContinue reading “Mezzo-Soprano Suzanne Schwing”

Bass Phillip Cheah

When Tania León encouraged me to produce this performance, and I started putting it all together, Phillip Cheah was the first person I called. One of his many talents is an ability to sing in both the bass and the soprano register, and his involvement enables us to perform one of my choral works, Signifying Nothing, withContinue reading “Bass Phillip Cheah”

Obsessions from the Twittersphere & Confessions from the Blogosphere

There is one last work on the Imaginary Timescapes performance that I have yet to write about—the companion pieces Obesessions from the Twittersphere and Confessions from the Blogosphere, “serious” music that makes the audience laugh. The seed for Confessions from the Blogosphere was planted in my brain when I received a valentine in 2006 from my friend Ethan Chessin, a trombonistContinue reading “Obsessions from the Twittersphere & Confessions from the Blogosphere”